In a quiet corner of African sunshine, at the foot of Chapman’s Peak, lies a sanctuary of peace nourishment and growth. We welcome you with open hearts.


Our garden demonstrates the possibility of sustainable living from a relatively small space.

The garden is organic and modeled on permaculture principles.

Elements of the garden include rain-water harvesting, grey-water systems, composting, vermiculture, heirloom seed propagation, a nursery and hot-house, a medicinal garden, indigenous plants, fruit trees and a living pond.




Our studio space is a quiet refuge for yoga, movement and creativity. With sparkling wooden floors and an abundance of natural light, the studio looks out onto a zen-style garden, running water and quiet reflection corners.




Single rooms.
Twin rooms.
Triple rooms. 
Facilitator Cottage.


Workshop Retreat Rates
Daily rate includes hire of studio, participant accommodation, facilitator accommodation (two people sharing), juices, and three vegetarian meals. Minimum stay of two days.

Option 1 – 4 Participants


Option 2 – 8 Participants


Option 3 – 12 Participants

Daily rate, accommodating up to 4 participants in single rooms.
Daily rate, accommodating up to 8 participants in twin rooms. 
Daily rate, accommodating up to 12 participants in triple rooms. 

Self Catering Rates
Shared accommodation, living and kitchen facilities. Minimum two days stay.

Daily rate for 10 people sharing
Daily rate, 5 people

Shared Accommodation


Single Accommodation




Summer is here

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